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Phatmoto Rover 79cc Motorized Bicycle - Red, Men&s, Size: 26

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~~~~ Bike and Engine come in 2 different boxes! Introducing the new PHATMOTO? Built with a 79cc OHV (Overhead Valve) 4-Stroke Lifan engine with automatic clutch. Equipped with a well-built frame and rugged wheels to handle rough terrains. Off roads? No problem! Now go out and have an epic ride! Patent Pending Built in Jack-shaft - Our custom designed gas bike can be pedal or engine powered and travels up to 100 miles at speeds of 25 MPH on less than 1 gallon of gas. Far from your standard motorized gas-hybrid bike, Phatmoto hides quite a bit of convenient engineering features within traditional bike frame appearance... With Phatmoto's fully-equipped motorized bicycle, attach the handlebars and front wheel, and with some minimal engine assembly, put in some gas and you're off. - Pedal, Gas Motor, or Hybrid Power - Unlike many DIY conversion kits or electric bikes, Phatmoto was specifically engineered as a dual purpose gas-hybrid bike that makes it significantly easier to ride when pedaling alone and doesn't restrict the engine when under gas power. - Custom Engineered Bike Frame - Unlike many DIY gas bike conversion kits, Phatmoto's bicycle frame is engineered from the ground up to discreetly hide its fuel tank internally, securely bolts its motor to built-in frame mount, and safely encases the drivetrain to avoid accidents. - Easy Pull-Start Handle Engine - Unlike most DIY gas bike conversion kits using two-stroke engines that require vigorous pedaling turn on, Phatmoto opted for a four-stroke engine with a simple pull-start handle and on/off switch for quick and effortless riding. - ENGINE SPECSEngine Type: 3.0 HP 79cc Lifan Industrial Grade OHV Single Cylinder 4-Stroke - Certification: EPA / CARB Approved Maximum Horsepower: 3 mhp - Displacement: 79cc - Shaft: 15mm Keyway Output Shaft - Bore x Stroke: 52mm x 46mm - Compression Ratio: 8:1Engine Speed: 3600 rpm - Starting System: Recoil18 amp Charging System: N/AFuel Tank Capacity: 0.75 Gallon, 2.85 LFuel Type: 87 Octane Gasoline - Speed: Up to 25 mph - Range: 100 miles a full tank - Engine Oil Type/Amount: SAE 10W30w 20 oz - Low Oil Shutoff Protection: Yes - Air Filter: Washable Foam - L x W x H: 15 x 12 x 12 inches - Dry Weight: 22.5 lbs - Output Shaft Length: 2.28 in - Output Shaft Diameter: 5/8 in - BICYCLE SPECSFrame: Aluminum - Wheel